When my daughter Reese was 14 months old, I picked up a paint brush for the first time (she's now 11). It was a feeling of such urgency, it was overwhelming. I couldn't explain it; it was just something I HAD to do. 

Then just three and one-half years ago, I painted our home... again that sense of urgency was there. I couldn't NOT do it. Now I've painted hundreds of homes and churches, and my skills improve after every single painting.

Now fast forward to the present. Last week, I ordered 440 cards from my printer and they arrived yesterday afternoon. Here's a sampling of some of my greeting cards (which I also have as prints). 

Stationery has always been a huge love in my life. Huge!! God, I love paper. And this past year I've seen my greeting card sales soar, so I'm not alone in this love.

This year, I wanted to put more of a variety of cards out there for my customers. Here are 14 of those designs. And I have pages and pages of ideas to go...

Life is good. My journey thus far has been an interesting one. Thank you for your business and your support. I'm so grateful. 

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